Trion Worlds

Tolma4 has been a great localization team to work with in our journey to bring Atlas Reactor to the Russian audience. We appreciate the team’s timely and professional translations, game localization experience, and consistent attention to detail.

I've worked with this team for the translation of my adventure game Demetrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure into Russian. This was quite a feat, the game is text-heavy (more than 130 000 words) – but that's a job they've completed succesfully. They were very quick to response and have given some insightful advice. I recommend them for your games translations!
Jesse Makkonen
Tolma4 Team translated DISTRAINT into Russian. They are very quick, professional and friendly people to work with. Needless to say, I’d recommend them!
Afterthought Studios
I’ve had the pleasure with collaborating with the Tolma4 Team on our kinetic novel, Forgotten, Not Lost. It has been an amazing experience working with them, prompt responses, detailed requests needed to bring your project’s Russian translation to the highest quality. My experience working with them have definitely made me hope to be able to work with them again in the future!
Fat Panda & Game Starter
Evgenia and her team did a great work on Flat Kingdom. Delivered on time, adjusted to our budget, and with a great attention to the details.
Baroque Decay
The Tolma4 Team have the initiative, responsibility and quality of a any bigger translation company. They translated my game fast and smooth, with a really high level of professionalism. I hope they can continue helping people to spread their works around the world, because they are doing it pretty pretty well.
It is not easy to find a good translator for a computer game. Usual translators are often overwhelmed with such a task, there are sure more specialized in technical texts. The Tolma4Team specializes in the translation of video games and the guys do it really well. The translation for our game Vernon’s Legacy is an outstanding success. With much love for details the Tolma4Team has taken care of our texts. The mood and tone matched exactly the game. Of course, grammar and spelling was flawless. Thanks Tolma4Team
These guys are amazing! They have done an exquisite work of translation into Russian of our game "Slap Village". They helped us not only with the translation, but also brought in all their knowledge in the selection and editing fonts, and also in testing the game. Tolma4Team is a committed group with a professional, quick and effective response. If you are thinking of translating your game, do not hesitate, Tolma 4Team is your translation team.
Mango Protocol
Really professional and friendly team. They did an awesome job with the localization of our first game, MechaNika. Can't wait to work together again on future projects!
Milkstone Studios
The ZoneOfGeams team (Tolma4 team) has been really helpful with us in getting White Noise 2 localized to Russian. Lightning fast and they even helped us with getting the proper fonts for cyrillic!
Portable Moose
It was a pleasure working with Tolma4 Team. Their work was very efficient, everything was handled with a professional quality. I hope to continue working with them in the future!