We are a team of localizers, that works in this sphere since 2009 and we believe that our work can be best described through our main principals:

  • We have a great passion for video games and their translation. Every member of our team is a true gamer and the process of finding that VERY BEST word or phrase for the translation gives us true satisfaction (yea, no kiddin’, we’re THAT crazy about it!).
  • Information is the key. We believe that the best quality translation can be delivered only through detailed knowledge of the game context. That is why every localization we work on is made only after or during the game walkthrough.
  • Translation all the way through. We put all our efforts to maintain the atmosphere of the game in the state originally intended by its creators. In order to do that we also localize fonts and textures used in the game.

If you would like to know more about us and how we ended up like this (and we’d really like you to!), you can find A LOT of information here.